Front of Shop

  • Christine Langford takes charge at Thorpeness

    By SGB golf on 22/01/2016
    Thorpeness Golf Club and Hotel has appointed Christine Langford as its new Senior Golf Professional, the first female professional in the club’s 93-year history. A five time winner on the Ladies European Tour, Christine succeeds veteran PGA Professional Frank Hill, 71, who retired in October 2015. Christine, 58, said: “I am delighted to make history as Thorpeness’ first woman professional […]
  • Finding your retail position

    By SGB golf on 10/04/2013
    Ian James, chief executive of RetailTribe, writes that it is critical for golf professionals have a clear idea of where they position the More they offer to the golfer A lot of professionals have made an investment in launch monitors, fitting carts, simulators, and their own fitting expertise (fortunately the cost of club-fitting technology continues to fall). Fitting, and the […]
  • The importance of high visibility

    By SGB golf on 02/01/2013
    Ian James, chief executive of RetailTribe, write that once club professionals have a strong message for golfers, they need to spread the word Last month I wrote about the critical need for professionals to explain their Equipment and Fitting proposition, including the pricing of the fitting service, so that customers are actually aware of the added value they are being […]
  • Making sure the price is right

    By SGB golf on 30/09/2012
    Early this year I wrote about pricing, and how the consumer responds to pricing – or a lack of it – in pro shops. I recommended very clear price marking on golf balls with full price on sleeves, special dozen’s pricing and even a discounted multi-buy price. Martin Heggie of Moortown Golf Club and Nick Pope at Isle of Wedmore […]
  • Creating sales momentum

    By SGB golf on 09/07/2012
    Ian James, chief executive of RetailTribe, details how professionals should be reacting to early-season apparel sales Last month I described how to prepare for a successful season of apparel sales, and the article is also published on our website, at Pros are presented with a checkpoint on apparel sales one month into the golf season. This is the time […]
  • A Question of Perception

    By SGB golf on 05/04/2012
    Ian James, chief executive of RetailTribe, writes that the top high street retailers recognise that the ‘rational consumer’ does not exist Consumers’ awareness of retail prices in absolute terms is awful. Most don’t know the price of a dozen Titleist Pro V1s. Most are not sure if your shop is more or less expensive than the superstore. Consumers judge by […]
  • Shout about sales prices

    By SGB golf on 26/01/2012
    Ian James, chief executive of RetailTribe, writes that when setting prices in the pro shop, how you tell consumers a price is just as important as what the actual price is. If you want to sell more golf balls to happier customers, you don’t need to change your golf ball pricing, you just need to change what you are telling […]
  • Visible pricing = visible profit

    By SGB golf on 08/12/2011
    A Boston Consulting Group study of golfers and consumers concludes that even golfers – never mind the uninformed consumer – think golf is more expensive than it actually is. Ian James, chief executive of RetailTribe, writes that pros need to make their pricing clearer Acushnet’s research into consumer attitudes to golf balls has left the company concerned that consumer spend […]
  • All prices are relative

    By SGB golf on 07/11/2011
    In recent issues of SGB Golf, Ian James, chief executive of RetailTribe, has written about the importance of selling the benefits of premium products. Here Ian explains how consumers view retail prices in relative terms It is the truth that consumers are not good at establishing absolute values, but their brains work on ‘relative value’. While consumers are not as […]
  • Learn your lines

    By SGB golf on 04/10/2011
    In the August SGB Golf, Ian James, chief executive of RetailTribe, recommended that shop staff should know at least three key selling points for every premium product in stock. Here he takes his sales advice a step further Green-grass golf retailers need to get better at selling the benefits of the products they stock. This applies to all products, but […]