Custom-fit Workshop

  • COBRA ONE Length Fitting Video

    By SGB golf on 10/03/2017
    Below is a link to a video that highlights the fitting process for ONE Length. This demonstrates the processes the fitter will go through when fitting a ONE Length set of irons and the benefit it has on the consumer. Preview attachment F7 One Length fitting process v2.mp4F7 One Length fitting process v2.mp4Not scanned for viruses
  • A trucker’s guide

    By SGB golf on 02/01/2013
    Neil Cooke, technical director at Golfsmith Europe, uses his tour truck to illustrate that setting up a fully-functional club workshop should be straight forward When it comes down to it, there honestly isn’t much difference between my mobile workshop and a good workshop at a golf club. With a little thought and effort, club pros can provide their members with […]
  • Driving in the right direction

    By SGB golf on 30/09/2012
    The driver was traditionally the hardest club in the bag to hit, being both the longest and least lofted of clubs. However, drivers have probably benefitted most from technological advances over the past 25 years. New materials and better R&D have made today’s drivers much more user friendly than the old wooden models. The introduction of titanium has made it […]
  • Custom-fitting on radar

    By SGB golf on 26/01/2012
    Neil Cooke, technical director at Golfsmith Europe, writes that one of the great technological breakthroughs in the past 20 years has been the advent of the launch monitor. Launch monitors have helped golfers gain more distance than any other technological advance over the past two decades. These benefits do not come cheap, with prices ranging from £2,000 right up to […]
  • The indefinable hybrid

    By SGB golf on 04/10/2011
    There is no doubt that the introduction of hybrid clubs has helped today’s golfers. These utility, hybrid or rescue clubs are not a recent invention, but there has been an explosion in hybrids because manufacturers have continued to lengthen and strengthen their irons, in a bid to provide golfers with ‘added distance’. Not long ago a standard 5-iron was 37 […]
  • Fit for the fairway

    By SGB golf on 30/08/2011
    The 3-wood is the longest and least lofted of clubs that are designed to be hit without a tee peg. As manufacturers have lengthened and strengthened clubs, the modern 3-wood is the equivalent of the traditional 2-wood in loft, and driver in length, which is not an ideal combination for the average golfer! Most golfers do not have the swing […]
  • Keeping lies honest

    By SGB golf on 22/07/2011
    Neil Cooke, technical director of Golfsmith Europe, addresses the importance of providing golfers with the right lie No set of clubs has been expertly fitted unless the clubs have the correct loft and, in particular, the correct lie. Loft and lie have major influences on ball flight, and golfers are becoming more aware of their importance to shot accuracy and […]
  • Fit for purpose

    By SGB golf on 27/04/2011
    Neil Cooke, technical director at Golfsmith Europe, offers some advice for custom-fitting drivers There are three key specifications that really count when fitting drivers: Length While the average driver length from manufacturers is just over 45”, a 44” driver hit in the middle will go further than a 46” driver hit out of the heel. It is critical that length […]
  • Non-slip finish

    By SGB golf on 30/03/2011
    Neil Cooke, technical director of Golfsmith Europe, writes that a source of income that is often overlooked is the re-gripping service. Not many golfers are splashing out on new clubs at the moment, but most are prepared to pay a reasonable sum to make their existing clubs more playable. Club pros used to find re-gripping a lucrative operation, although it […]
  • Time for an ‘M.O.T.’

    By SGB golf on 03/03/2011
    Neil Cooke, technical director at Golfsmith Europe, recommends that offering a golf equipment ‘M.O.T’ service is a great way of keeping money coming into the till before the club season gets underway in earnest Over a golfing season lofts and lies can change, grips wear out and the general condition of clubs deteriorates, but as these changes are gradual they […]